Surgery Suite

Littleton, Colorado –  Dog and Cat Spay & Neuter
All dogs and cats undergoing anesthesia will have a pre-anesthetic blood panel to assess organ function and establish the safest possible anesthetic protocol.  This can be done the day of the procedure all the way up to 30 days prior, as long as there are no abnormalities.  Your pet will be monitored while under anesthesia for heart rate and rhythm, respiratory rate and effort, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, anesthetic depth and body temperature.  Pain is controlled via multimodal approach including injectable medications, nerve blocks and oral pain medications post procedure.  All patients will have an IV catheter and receive fluids for the entire procedure.  The surgery will be performed in a separate surgery suite to maintain the best possible control of contaminants.  All patients will have continued monitoring in recovery until they are able to sit up and have normal body temperature.  A detailed report, medications and instructions for home care are sent home at the discharge time at the end of the day.  If there were any tissue samples sent in for pathology, there will be a follow-up consultation regarding the findings, approximately 5-7 days later.  Most spay and neuter surgeries will not have sutures that need to be removed, but for any skin sutures typically for other procedures, there will be a recheck appointment with a nurse in 10-14 days.

Placement of an IV Catheter in the front leg for fluids and medications.

IV Catheter Taped in place.

Intubated for oxygen and anesthetic gasses, and hooked up to monitoring equipment for safety.

A monitor measures heart rate and rhythm, respiration, blood pressure, temperature and oxygen saturation.

Surgery Suite

In recovery after surgery, and being monitored until fully awake.